Recreational classes

Open registration end of June for our annual classes

Offers, prices and registration

Sine end of June: register online or download the registration form and post it to:

 Zôfy Circus School - Route du Simplon 31 - 1906 Charrat

Car pooling: after having received the approval of registered students or their parents, we provide the list of participants on request.

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Online registration

I accept that the Responsible Teacher gives arnica to the registered student
I accept that the Responsible Teacher can put a plaster on a wound of the registered student
I have read and accept the rules and prices. / Compulsory annual membership of the Z'amis du cirque association: CHF 25.- per family. / I register for 1 year, paid in 3 installments. / Registration is valid for a full school year (September to June). / Without written notice at the end of the 1st month, registration is final and invoiced for the year
I authorize the Zôfy Circus School to use the photos/videos taken during the courses/internships/shows in order to promote it via its website and other communication media
During an event
Through friends


Registration for the year 2023-2024 will be open end of June


* Schedules may be subject to change depending on registrations

* For your well-being and the smooth running of the lessons, the teachers are the only ones authorized to choose the level that corresponds to the student

2024-2025 Holidays

To have a look on our 2024-2025 vacations clic here

Financial support to families

  • Discounts are available for the 2nd child/per person per family
  • Discounts are available for registration in a 2nd weekly class

*Discounts are not cumulative.

The most advantageous discount applies.

Nota bene

Download the Zôfy circus School rules

  • Automatic definitive registration for the year (10 months) : Unless notified in writing at the end of the 1st month of registration, my registration will be final and invoiced for the whole year
  • Manditory annual membership fee to the Association des Z'amis du cirque : 25 fr per family
  • Annual school fees is due and no reimbursement is granted in the event of resignation except due to serious accidents, serious illness or moving outside the canton.
  • CHF 60.00 is charged for any issue during the year without a valid health reason (serious accidents, serious illness)
  • Zôfy circus' School is not involved in reimbursements for the periods affected by the restrictions during the coronavirus crisis
  • If Zôfy circus' School were to close for health or public health reasons, the Management board will propose an appropriate solution. Automatic reimbursement cannot be claimed.
  • Inscriptions en ligne aux cours d'art du cirque - École de cirque Zôfy