Professional training

A member of the European Federation of Circus Schools (FEDEC), as a professional circus school Zôfy Circus School has been offering a comprehensive training in circus arts since 2003. Recognised for its high quality, it is listed as a training centre by the CSFO (Swiss centre for professional, university and career training/orientation). It offers a curriculum focused on multidisciplinarity, versatility, and the integration of other art forms such as dance and theatrical play.

Professional training at Zôfy has five goals:

  • Achieve a high level of technical and artistic skill in one chosen discipline. 
  • Channel, develop and affirm artistic skills through group productions. 
  • Develop strong teaching skills as a circus arts instructor. 
  • Develop a complete personal artistic project which must result in the creation of an act. 
  • On completion of the training, the student will EITHER enter the circus and theatre arts jobs market OR prepare for entrance into one of the advanced international circus schools.

Pedagogical framework 

The programme concentrates on the training of the whole person. It includes the principal circus skills, pedagogical training, theatrical play, modern dance, project development skills, and specific training by means of each student's individual project. The artistic dimension is integral to the training, as the programme allows for multiple opportunities to perform before one's peers and in public. The yearly public performance that each student must take part in, from its creation to the performance itself, constitutes the summation of all their learning. The teaching team is made up of professionals qualified in circus skills and benefiting from continuing education, but also from actual participants in the world of live performance. At the end of the training, the student receives a certificate internal to the school.

Candidate profile

The minimum requirements for joining this training programme are:

  • To be in possession of an end of compulsory school certificate or of an equivalent form of education.
  • To have physical and artistic aptitudes and to demonstrate strong motivation.
  • To have already practised circus arts in a recreational course or other sports to an advanced level: dance, artistic or rhythmic gymnastics, trampolining, skating…


 This professional training curriculum is available every year, lasts three years, and is full-time. it is mainly aimed at Swiss students but also caters for international students. 

  • In the spring, selection stage.
  • Start of the course, end of August
  • Course finishes at the end of June
  • Thirty hours of classes to attend each week
  • Three hours a week to teach students other areas
  • Contracts for artists and instructors awarded by Zôfy Circus School depending on third party requests.

Disciplines taught

Physical fitness: compulsory: general and specific.

Acrobaticscompulsory: tumbling, trampolining, teeter and Hungarian board / optional: Icarian games, Cyr wheel, Russian bar, Chinese pole

Aerial: optional: aerial cradle, vertical rope, flying rope, swinging trapeze, fixed and swinging trapeze, straps, silks, hoop, aerial hand-to-hand.

Equilibristicscompulsory: balancing on the ground and on sticks, ball, chair, stilts, free-standing ladder, 

optional: static and dynamic hand-to-hand, banquine, monocycle, perch, rola-bola, tightrope

Object manipulation: optional: juggling/contact juggling, antipodism, devil sticks, diabolo, hula-hoop. 

Theatre artcompulsory: theatrical play and character creation. 

Dancecompulsory: contemporary dance techniques, body expression.

Creative process and Project management: compulsory: regular creation and review assignments, preparation of a variety of group/individual projects 

Additional teaching: Outings/performances - external courses


The monthly course fee is 300 Swiss francs, and the student commits to TEN MONTHS.
Personal costs for lodging, food, and potential medical care are borne by the individual.

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